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Introducing Lisa & Randy from Let Hope Grow' Walk To Defeat ALS

Why They Walk

I've been participating in the walk to defeat ALS for 7 years. When my husband Randy was diagnosed 6 1/2 years ago I knew I'd do anything to help the ALS Association and Community. We have made forever friends on this journey. I walk for all of those fighting this dreadful disease. I walk because they can't. I will walk until there's a cure.

Introducing Lura & Pete from Let Hope Grow Walk To Defeat ALS

Why They Walk

Why do I walk - Mostly for Pete Sawyer, my husband of almost 30 years. I have done more for him with ALS than I did for my children when they were infants, this is because he needs more than an infant does. I will never stop doing for him. The other reason I walk and do fundraising is for all the other families that live with ALS in their lives. For all of the support we have from the Clinics and the Chapter. Without this group of people the families would have a very hard time getting through this new life. So Please donate or join for the walk. It means the world to many people. Thank you.

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